Justin Bieber is really excited about the holiday season, because he still believes in Santa Claus mainly because he's finally releasing those Christmas songs he felt so compelled to get off his chest. After explaining the process behind filming an instant classic—must-haves include real snow, fancy cars and fellow holiday enthusiast at the directing helm—we now have a brief look at the finished product for "Mistletoe" before its Tuesday premiere on MTV. Below, see Holiday Bieb dance in the illuminated streets with no regard for his car battery, model the newest winter accessories like fingerless gloves and select a Christmas tree with his girl, like the winter boyfriend you always wish you had. It might be snowing, but no one really looks that cold, thanks largely in part to the reggae-inspired melody—now we understand its purpose—which tricks Bieber into thinking he's singing on a beach in the Caribbean. That, or his Canadian blood can handle just about anything. We suggest you start getting into "Mistletoe" now, because it's likely you won't stop hearing it until 2012.