Boy, is Tyler gonna be green with envy when he hears about this. The Creator's ultimate pop crush, 17-year-old Ontarian sensation Justin Bieber, has just covered his Odd Future co-lieutenant Frank Ocean's slow jam "Thinking About You," with good buddy Jaden Smith (13 years old and listening to Odd Future? Honestly) in tow. Bieber ("They say, it's true love, well is love true?") and Smith ("A boy will tell you that he loves you / But a man will show it") both add their own verses to the Ocean original, with the cover's (fine, the remix's) runtime eclipsing the original by nearly two minutes. It's not gonna replace Ocean's version for many, but it's a worthy tribute.

But wait....there's more! Justin Bieber also tweeted today about stopping by the Hot 97 studios to chill with Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg, and of course, to drop a little freestyle. Rather than handicap Bieber with a recent hit like "Otis," the Hot 97 DJs went digging in the crates for Gang Starr's early-'90s East Coast classic "DWYCK"—and once again, The Bieb rose to the occasion. "Number one hits, I got number one flicks / With the number one kicks, and the number one chicks," rapped over the beat, also dropping that he's got "Tim's like Horton's" and setting the DJs on fire by closing with a Ferris Bueller reference. "The Bieb has made me a believer!" declared K. Foxx when it was over. Yeah, you and us both, kid.

[Oh No They Didn't!]