Proving that it's impossible to hold any kind of awards ceremony in the year 2011 without Justin Bieber in attendance, The Bieb made an appearance at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame induction ceremonies last night, in honor of his friend, vocal coach and songwriter Jan Smith. While he was there, Bieber figured he may as well grace the attendees with a little Rob Thomas, and played through a verse or so Matchbox Twenty's 1998 semi-classic "3 AM," before switching up to honor mentor and co-attendee Usher with a couple lines from his chart-topping "U Got it Bad." Why? Why not?

All this of course begs the question: How will the Emmys, on tonight, figure out a way to shoehorn Bieber into the proceedings? Glee seems the obvious choice, especially via host Jane Lynch, but don't rule out The Bieb taking part in some sort of weird Mad Men parody either. Think of how nuts the country would go for an image of The Bieb in black suit and tie, drinking a snifter of Sunny D and chain-smoking a bubblegum cigar.


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