President Obama has been challenged with difficult tasks during his time in office—reviving the struggling economy, finding Osama bin Laden—but perhaps none have been more daunting than facilitating a meeting between a young female fan and the world's busiest 17-year-old, Justin Bieber. During a visit to Ground Zero last month, Obama promised 14-year-old Payton Wall, who lost her father on 9/11, a chance to meet The Bieb, given the fact that he "knows him" and all. (The inner circle of the world's most powerful people is a pretty tight-knit group.) Despite skepticism from some—ourselves included—Barry O. is man of his word, and successfully arranged for Wall to meet Bieber in New York City during his promotional stop at Macy's on Thursday. Luckily, Wall (left), her sister Avery (center) and her Madison Roberson (right) just missed the Bieber Fever chaos that went down outside the store. Check out the photo evidence below, courtesy of Wall's Facebook page.

Cute, but are Malia and Sasha jealous? It's refreshing that Obama and his crew took the time to make this happen, and probably not a bad strategy considering a few Beliebers will have reached voting age by next fall's presidential election. Now if they're taking requests, can we get an invite aboard Beyoncé and Jay-Z's inevitable yacht trip this summer? Obama and The Bieb: what a team! Why not make things official and dub him liaison to America's youth? Too bad he's Canadian.

[NYP via TMZ]

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