Beliebers are likely still getting over the fact that Justin Bieber's "As Long As You Love Me" video didn't get its promised preview on Wednesday's episode of America's Got Talent. Of all the things in the world to joke about, new Bieber footage way too much potential for creating hysteria. Ever a man of his people, Bieber revealed his frustration over the gaffe, along with his revised plan to promote the video:

We now know we can't always trust major television networks to keep a promise, yet The Bieb is a man of his word, releasing the first 1:35 of his "short film" just moments ago. Since he's 18, with an upcoming role in that Mark Wahlberg project, and likely residence on the short list of many major movie studios, it's imperative The Bieb start flexing those acting muscles. Who better to teach him the craft than Michael Madsen?

Bieber plays the role of a brave Romeo, unwavering in his dedication to his girlfriend, despite what her strict father thinks of their union. "That means one day you'll leave her for somebody else and break her heart, and that can't happen," Madsen warns in between quick cuts to payphones and handwritten notes requesting super-secret late night meetups near the train station—because the most dramatic way to travel is always by rail.

Madsen and Bieber trade serious looks back and forth, squaring off in a conversation that's reminiscent of Drake's chat with someone allegedly older and wiser yet aims to stir up more tension over their conflicting ideas of what's best for the silent beauty. Watch below.

Between the "serious relationship" overtones and bevy of driving montages, was the concept for this video born from real life? At less than two minutes, there's plenty left to see from the full version—so far Bieber only sings the song's opening line—but based on the lack of scales being weighed down by piles of platinum, silver, and gold, we already approve of the direction it's moving in.