By now you know that Justin Bieber is excited about his upcoming Christmas album, super pumped for that featured Boyz II Men collaboration and out of his mind elated that big brother Usher and The Band Perry have agreed to spread holiday cheer with him as well. With all of his enthusiastic tweeting over the last few weeks, we don't blame his rabid fan base for getting a little impatient about hearing the music, even in what appears to be Indian Summer. They can only take so many exclamation points in one day. Notable fan account BieberArmy, leader of the "first & official army for Justin Bieber," appeared to receive an advance listen, perhaps as a gift after pledging his/her virginity, first born child, unconditional love or eternal worship to a strange cult to be named later. "Just heard some songs off of @justinbieber's Christmas album....let me say IT IS INCREDIBLE. AMAZING. You are going to LOVE it," BieberArmy tweeted on Tuesday, after being the recipient of more than one retweet from the Bieb himself (or his wise PR consultants).

Rub it in, why don't you. Such an insensitive message to fans was met with seething jealousy rather than mutual enthusiasm, which is expected among this passionate fanbase. But unlike Selena Gomez, they don't know where she lives. #ALLBELIEBERSAREEQUAL is a movement that needs no help taking flight after quickly becoming a trending topic on Monday, yet we couldn't resist browsing some of the most impassioned responses. A sampling:

@livinglifebiebs: "I'm not being jealous but how does BieberArmy get to listen to Justin's album?they are just like us so they should wait,JUST LIKE US."

@BiebsMeetMe: "bieberarmy should have not tweeted about hearing the christmas album, and kept it to themselves"

@JLieberSwag: "Wow. BieberArmy got to listen to some tracks off Justin's album. WHAT ABOUT ME? ;o"


@Jolieeeeeen_:"I thought every belieber was the same. Then I watched Justins Twitterprofile and saw BieberArmy tweets. Yeah, we're not equal :/"

Yet there is at least one rational minded fan in the bunch:

@SwagLikeBiber: "it's not even @bieberarmy's fault tho. if i got an offer to listen to the album, i'd hump my computer too so you can't blame them lol."

Brace yourselves for the Twittersphere coup, BieberArmy. Maybe it's all a hoax? A shameless attempt to gain more footing in the social media community, which is just as important as a key lunch table assignment in the cafeteria. But how do we really know that BieberArmy is not a 41-year-old man blogging from his mom's basement in St. Louis? Until there's distinct proof, we're taking bets about long it takes Biebs to rectify the situation with a surprise performance at a school or individual fan's bedroom to prove that all his followers really are created equal, and thus start the cycle all over again. You have until Halloween, JB.