Nick Jonas was just confirmed as a guest mentor for The X Factor, set to be paired with Demi Lovato, and now it appears we have an idea as to who fellow judge L.A. Reid has recruited to join him on the show. Justin Bieber was photographed high-fiving and hugging Reid on Monday, after he and manager Scooter Braun caught up with the X Factor judge in Los Angeles. While Jonas will help Lovato guide solo singers ages 12 to 16 during the the judges' house portion of the show, Bieber is thought to be filming with Reid as he mentors contestants ages 25 and up. So those suffering from reality competition show fatigue shouldn't worry; The Bieb's not going to be a last-minute addition to the judges' table—we think. As for Jonas, what better way to stick it to those American Idol bosses who have yet to hire you—despite your genuine enthusiasm and interest in the job—than by signing up with Simon Cowell?

The idea of "mentoring" individuals old enough to rent a car might seem a little awkward considering The Bieb is newly 18, but he does have bountiful experience navigating recording sessions, world tours and nagging questions from the media about somebody else's baby that any aspiring performer could benefit from. But if they weren't talking business, there's still proof Bieb and the Epic Records boss enjoyed many hours together under the L.A. sun:

Get a room, you three! Even if The Bieb is adding X Factor to his already very busy schedule, he's not going to let it affect the bond he has with his fans, particularly when their closeness has been captured on Twitter. Feelings change, but hashtags are forever.