Justin Bieber would swim the deepest oceans, walk through the tallest flames, if he was your boeeeyyyy-FREN. Need proof? Check out the latest preview for "Boyfriend," featuring Justin sinking into the blue (a la Puff Daddy in "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down") and standing in front of an exploding car (a la Lady Gaga in "Marry the Night"). We don't know what this has to do with Justin being engulfed in a sea of arms (or saying hello to falsettom or swag, swag, swagging on you) just yet, but it's clear that this is not just your garden variety boy-meets-girl Justin Bieber video—this is The Bieb's ambitious, big-budget stab at winning the coveted Best Special Effects Award at the 2012 VMAs.

You know that 500,000 people downloaded this song last week? Second-biggest sales week of the digital era? Swag on us, indeed.