For all those who miss MTV's Making The Video days, Justin Bieber is now playing into both our love of nostalgia and holiday cheer by revealing a behind-the-scenes look at his upcoming Christmas video "Mistletoe," which premieres in six days. "I haven't put out an album in a while," Bieber explains in the clip below. True, but you are also 17-years-old, Justin! Shouldn't you be studying for the SATs, sneaking out of your parents' house and/or experimenting with horrible malt liquor? Luckily Bieber's ambition will help ensure the world does not go without a new crop of holiday jams this season. "It's really catchy, I know all my fans are going to love it. It's something they're going to be singing every Christmas," he says of the Jason Mraz-y track. Fans lined the video shoot, resisting the temptation to jump the barriers when Bieber kisses his lady underneath the mistletoe and "not fake" snow, while the doppelgänger of Smash Mouth's Steve Harwell—in full holiday attire—directs The Bieb to go in for the kill. So forget what your calendar says, The Bieb has spoken: Christmastime is officially here.