"This is the WORLD PREMIERE...of a CLIP...from my video." Oh, Bieb. Even with all the misleading hyperbole, we still can't be angry at the fact that your appearance on The Voice only resulted in a 43-second tease of "Boyfriend." Unlike some people, you actually looked happy to be there! Justin Bieber's fourth preview for his upcoming music video received a prime-time lead-in on Tuesday night, revealing what truly ended up being a few extra seconds of footage Colin Tilley had lying around the edit room (good footage, but still). Along with the familiar sea of grabby hands and a falsetto face that will haunt our dreams (1:36), The Bieb revisits those neck-nuzzling skills he perfected in his Someday fragrance commercial while frosted wheels do their thing—someone's still not over that Steampunk phase—and water beads dance to the sounds of his evolving voice. Bridging together what we've seen in the previous three clips, Bieber's maturation continues to be realized, with the faceless, fedora-wearing Michael Jackson figure bringing back memories of yet another memorable video where a teen idol comes into his own. Watch below.

While his appearance served to announce the release date for Believe, host Carson Daly invited Bieber to come back and perform "Boyfriend" in three week's time, during the show's live finale. Naturally he graciously accepted, then followed with a victory lap around the coaches' swivel chairs. Note how Christina politely extends her well-manicured hand, only to have Young Bieber go straight for the cheek kiss. He's 18 now, Xtina! J. Lo would understand. Between landing Bieber and The Wanted this week alone, The Voice is not only gunning to become the premier music competition show, but the prime-time destination for stars to perform and debut new material. Basically Idol can't afford to have an "off" musical guest from here on out. A performance from the Think Like a Man soundtrack was your one free pass, Nigel Lythgoe.