The Bieb loves a good angel wing entrance and video montage, but he's most comfortable in his natural environment: singing—eyes closed—with a guitar and the smell of Tim Hortons close by. While the latter can't always be replicated in certain corners of the world, performing acoustically has becoming an increasing element in Justin Bieber's live show. He's hinted at recording an acoustic album #withDanKanter, his road guitarist and Phish guru, ever since he began peppering 2012 gigs with an undone version of "Boyfriend." He's since moved on to "As You As You Love Me" and Big Sean's trademark phrase, clearly taking pleasure in raw performances that showcase pure vocal ability instead of complex choreography, elaborate set design and the movement of drop-crotch pants. Now, in the midst of Team Bieber's Believe tour, it looks like things are moving forward. Or, they've taken our advice and are making Grammy lemons into lemonade.

And, would said album feature any notable collaborators?

Gasp! We guess they know a guy who can put them in touch with one another.

Then again, this long-gestating Schoolboy (not Q) concoction could also be featured on the Wanted's 2013 album. We're cool with either, just please don't let this fall the way of that Taylor Swift-Bieber duet.

In addition to revealing tweets from Bieber himself comes more news about Beyoncé's next musical project. The-Dream has had us studying our calendars ever since he said the Queen would most likely release new material before her February 3 Super Bowl gig. And after photos with Miguel and husband Jay-Z surfaced, PerezHilton is reporting that Justin Timberlake was recently seen leaving a New York studio following a session with Bey. Pause to full understand what that means: JT is voluntarily (we hope) putting himself in the vicinity of those who are making music! The two previously collaborated on the deluxe version of FutureSex/LoveSounds track "Until the End of Time," and a memorable Saturday Night Live take on B's most famous song.

But, as the wise Cyrus Rose once said, not enough!