Am I alone in thinking that with every additional tattoo Justin Bieber inks onto his precious skin, the crazier he gets? Sure, sound like someone's overprotective mother, but he got that giant giant owl on his forearm just a month ago, and he's also got Jesus' giant solemn mug on the back of of his calves.

Now he's busy with, perhaps, the other leg--which revealed to be two hands clasped in prayer upon a bed of what appear to be roses. "Newtat", Bieb commented, posting the image to his Instagram account.

In case thanking God at award shows just wasn't isn't for you.

Could be any limb, you say? Well Bieb clarified that it was indeed his leg, responding to a fans comment that she was looking forward to seeing it in person when she sees him in concert in June. "I don't wear shorts on stage so no u won't ;) you will see me swag it out on stage though :p", Bieb replied. Alas, no shorts for you, dear fan.

Not all of the Beliebers were in full support of the religious iconography. "Why why why", motakhan7 commented, to which Bieber caption-replied a screenshot of her complaint with the comment: "Because because because".

Controversy averted. Bieber's already moved on, with photos from his "vacay"--including some peeks at his other ink: a crown on his upper chest, "Believe" below his inner elbow and Hebrew along his torso.