Justin Bieber may have just turned 19 last week, but that means he's still a teenager for another 11 months and 25 days, and he's gonna make the most of it, dammit. The Bieb's latest act of teenage rebellion came at his O2 gig in London, which Popdust readers (and disappointed UK Beliebers) will recall started several hours late, resulting in booing and crying from fans, possibly simultaneously. Bieber wrote off the lateness as the result of a combination of start-time miscommunication and "technical issues." But British celebrity magazine Heat cites a different reason for the tardiness, one familiar to any Bieber-age male: Video games.

"A source close to 19-year-old Justin claimed he was late on Monday because he got up late, then spent hours playing computer games," quotes the magazine. "Stroppy teenager Justin threw a tantrum as staff desperately pleaded with him to go on stage, But Justin replied by ranting: 'It's my gig, I'll go out when I want.'" MOOOOOOOOOOM I mean SCOOOOOOTEEEERRRRRR I DON'T WANNA PLAY A CONCERT I JUST FINISHED THE LEVEL AND WON'T REACH A SAVE POINT UNTIL THE END OF THE NEXT STAGE. The mag continues:

Another source told The Sun: "His lateness was because he didn’t get out of bed until late and sat in his dressing room playing games — even though his door was being knocked. He then threw a strop as he said he wanted a shower first, despite already being late...Justin arrived at the O2 at 3pm to do some meet and greets, but he didn’t get up until late because he’d had a heavy night at his hotel."

Well, two things about this.

1. You gotta love British rags' reliance on the word "strop" and its many variants. I think I've heard the term used more in the past week in various articles related to this story than I ever had in my 26-plus years on this planet leading up to my coverage of this story. Now I probably won't be able to stop using it.

2. "His Lateness," while not quite an intended appellation for Bieber in this article, is actually a pretty funny nickname for Bieb that we hope his British fans start using, as in, "Oh, are we really sure we wanna wait in line for three hours for His Lateness to show up?"

Well, if the story is true, kudos to Bieb for keeping his snotty, self-centered teenage priorities in order. You're only young once, Justin, and being late for something because you're playing computer games becomes significantly less excusable (and much more socially stigmatizing) the older you get. Your British fanbase can wait, Mass Effect 3 cannot.