In June we saw first-hand how quickly Team Bieber responds to Justin's concerns, as New York photographers were politely asked to leave—or else the dreams of thousands of sleep-deprived fans would be crushed—during a in-store CD singing for Believe. Last night at Hot 99.5's Jingle Ball in Fairfax, V.A. Bieber once again proved to be sensitive to flashbulbs, delaying his performance of "Be Alright" to talk to photogs in the pit—with his microphone still fully hooked up to the sound system. "Can you back up a bit? They're all up in my grill. Yeah, guys. Just chill out. Can you move to the side? Move to the side a little bit?" Bieber said to the faces down below, before tossing his towels their way and inviting the crowd to weigh in ("Do you guys think they should move a little bit?").


This answer is obvious, JB. They'll scream for whatever you want, even if it's generous servings of spaghetti and milk after the show. Maybe he really is easily distracted, or maybe he just had some other stuff on his mind.

If nothing else, we should be glad this interaction gave Bieber the opportunity to say "all up in my grill" in public. Carry on.