While you were one-upping your friends' Thanksgiving tables on Instagram and trying to get over 20 likes on various snapshots of a drunken Uncle, Justin Bieber was flooding the 'gram with photos of himself this holiday weekend. Not unusual, given the abundance of selfies he's been posting post-breakup, but notable for his choice of atypical holiday wear. He didn't have a turkey to baste or taters to mash, so there was a lot of free time left to experiment.

Bieber has spent the last few days in his home country, performing in Ottawa #withDanKanter and balling with Toronto Raptors player Amir Johnson and T-Dot's native son, Drake. We're guessing there was at least one Tim Horton's trip in there, too. But all this time at home has him feeling awfully comfortable—enough to bring back one of the more cringeworthy fashion trends of the '90s, that not even previous heartthrobs Jordan Knight or Justin Timberlake could convince us were acceptable.

First, we get a peak at the Bieb's new denim during one of his workouts, straps unhooked and bib folded downward in hopes of distracting from his manchild six-pack.


Later, he begins an impromptu tour bus photo shoot with trolling captions like, "I hope you hate my style."


Hi, Jeremy Bieber!


But the style statement is a part of him, just like his YouTube alias/his dad's online gamer persona will always be.

The bond between the Bieb and these highly impractical pants is so strong, he couldn't bear to part with them upon meeting Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper earlier this week.

A bold move by all cultural standards. Even Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn put on suits before meeting Queen Elizabeth, J. Bieb! Oh, Canada.