The probability that Justin Bieber would do something memorable during the Believe tour's stop in Toronto was high—just try and count the number of times "#CANADA" has been tweeted over the last year–but it doesn't make the reality of a Bieber surprise any less satisfying. Canada's two favorite sons, JB and Drake, took the stage together in Toronto on Saturday night, going off book from the typical Believe tour setlist and sending the 60,000 at the Rogers Centre into a frenzy of polite and restrained Canadian pride.

Bieber began by singing the opening bars to "Right Here," seemingly ready to take over his collaborator's verse like he's done many time before. But like a Canadian Husky with a special sense for Crispy Crunch, Drake appeared right on cue, smiling and flailing around to the crowd'd delight. This did not, however, stop Bieber from mouthing along to Drizzy's verse. The boy can't help it! In between dancing and making classic Drake faces, Drizzy managed to thank his gracious host for helping him meet a lifelong goal. "There's very few people I've met in the world that are as talented and as incredible as this young man right here," he told the crowd. D'aw. Stop embarrassing me in front of my fans, big bro! "I wanna thank you for giving me a childhood dream, which is my first opportunity to perform at the SkyDome, so thank you, my man." No thank you, Drizzy Drake, for helping the Bieb solidify his chances of winding up in the Canadian history books one day.

"You got your two favorite Canadian boys!" Drake informed the crowd, likely full of local natives and foreign YouTube viewers. "You got Drizzy Drake and you got Justin Bieber please believe it!" (We'll give it about six more months before Rick Ross is added to Bieber's growing roster of "big bros.") "YOLO!" the Bieb replied, before getting a chance to rattle off an edited take on the first verse of "The Motto" he's likely practiced so diligently during paparazzi chases on the L.A. freeway system. Despite the fact that the crowd was largely compromised of fans who can't legally drink a glass of Santa Margherita, let alone a liter, remember what Aubrey said about cursing, JB.

If only we could hear what Drizzy whispered as the two parted ways, we'd have a leg up on uncovering 2013's ubiquitous lifestyle mantra. Hashtag Canada. Watch below.