In November, Justin Bieber capped his visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show by pledging to visit a Las Vegas school to donate his time and money—$100,000!—to its underprivileged students. Ever a man of his word, Bieber made good on his charitable promise to Whitney Elementary in December, captured on video for today's upcoming episode of Ellen. During the trip, he spent time with the eager students—who prepared for his arrival by painting signs dedicated to their favorite songs, and fantasizing about their own "Mistletoe" experience—as well as a grateful principal who was reduced to tears in the surprisingly giant-looking Bieb's presence. "I can really see in your eyes that you really want to make a change and you really want to help these kids, and I admire you," he told her.

Say what you will about the Christmas carols, creepy perfume ads and nonexistent freestyle capabilities, but it's hard to deny that Bieber is growing up to be a pretty good guy. That Scooter must be a good influence after all. As if Ellen DeGeneres didn't already love him enough, she looks about ready to sign off on official adoption papers—not before Principal Gahn! Watch below.