We'll ignore Entertainment Tonight's obsession with Justin Bieber's "newly spiky hair," and instead focus on the behind-the-scenes glimpses they provide for his upcoming video "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town," off newly released Under the Mistletoe. In the short clip, Bieber can be seen playing drums amidst menacing factory wheels and normal-sized "elves," in a scene that upon first glance hardly resembles anything close to the safety contained within Santa's workshop. Still, we must prepare for The Bieb's holiday presence to grow even larger, as "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" will precede all screenings of Arthur Christmas: The Movie, opening November 23. But this week's release of said album is no reason for him to slow down, having filmed the video for his duet "All I Want For Christmas" with Mariah Carey—an updated take on the seminal classic which Bieber himself says will "make history"—which wrapped early Thursday. Staying on topic with several holiday-related questions, Bieber prove his likeness to fellow child star Macaulay Culkin circa the Home Alone era, by reenacting Kevin McCallister's signature scream before revealing Beyoncé as the lady he'd most like to kiss under the mistletoe. Down, Jay. "I always had a crush on Beyoncé, but you know she's taken," he explained. "Congratulations!"

If recent rumors are causing you to doubt young Bieber's intentions, maybe hearing some sweet talk about hanging with his grandparents come Christmastime will make things right in your mind. Watch below.