TMZ reports that Liverpool police have instructed Justin Bieber not to leave his hotel because a throng of fans outside his hotel. These Beliebers have been thrown into such a tizzy by the presence of the Canadian heartthrob, the police fear that if Bieber so much as steps out on the balcony they might go into full-on riot mode—and then they'd arrest him. For a peek at how crazy things are out there, here's a little bit of on-the-scene video taken by @emilyrister, who notes that X Factor boyband One Direction are also inside the hotel:

Thanks to instantaneous microblogging, we can also see pictures of riot police holding back the crowd on Twitpic. Well, at least these young fans are learning about extreme crowd-control measures early! That'll serve them well once they move on from grouping together in the name of Bieber to getting involved in political rallies.

UPDATE: Justin's trying to break free... under the guise of saying "whatup" to his fans! Let's see if it works!


that was great! got to say hi to everyone. we are following the rules. lol. #LOVEMYFANS

Following the rules: It works (especially if you're famous)! A lesson for us all.