UPDATE: Billboard has confirmed that the Biebs is hosting SNL on February 9, and will also serve as the musical guest.

Did you really think we were going to get out of this Justin Bieber smokes pot story without an apology of some sort from the Biebs? Bieber is the consummate nice guy; even if us cool-guy writers are blasé about a 19-year-old pop star experimenting with marijuana, there are some Beliebers out there who consider any rule-breaking a cardinal sin, and you'd better believe JB will do the work to get them back in his corner. Right on schedule, Bieber dropped this contrite message on Twitter this weekend:

Once you've apologized, the best course of action is to change the conversation as soon as possible, which is why Bieber spent the weekend on Twitter retweeting fans' excitement about his new acoustic album and showing off his new tattoo. But Bieber, PR-savvy as he is, saved the biggest news for Monday morning:

As Stefon might put this news, "New York's hottest host is BIEBER. Illegally imported from the wilds of Ontario, Bieber is the creation of a 31-year-old man who calls himself 'Scooter.' This guy has everything: perfect hair, gorgeous eyes and a falsetto made from the corpses of a thousand tiny songbirds. And guess who might drop by! Is it Lil Twist? No, it's an animatronic rapper friend programmed to keep him away from harmful drugs and alcohol!"

Will live comedy work better with Bieber's acting skills than procedural drama did? Well, we'll know soon enough.