Justin Bieber Is Maybe Playing Robin in the "Batman vs. Superman" Movie

UPDATE: We have our answer: Justin Bieber was messing with us.

Justin Bieber is maybe going to play Robin in Zack Snyder's upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie. (The one with Ben Affleck.) But also Justin Bieber is maybe not going to play Robin in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie. The truth, as it always seems to be, is shrouded under layers of supposition, inference and out-and-out trolling. Here are the concrete facts at our disposal.

1. Justin Bieber somehow got a copy of the script for Batman vs. Superman.

2. Justin Bieber took a mirror selfie alongside the script. (Sidenote: The mirror-selfie-with-script is one of the hardest Instagram shots to pull off—it looks easy, but it's nigh impossible to keep everything in focus. Kudos to Bieber once again for taking his selfie game to the next level.)

3. Justin Bieber posted the selfie to his Instagram account with the caption "#Robin ??"

The possibilities, in decreasing order of likelihood: Justin Bieber is messing with us, Zack Snyder is messing with us, Zack Snyder is messing with Justin Bieber, and finally, Justin Bieber is actually being seriously considered for a role in a major summer blockbuster. Hard to choose which one we'd prefer, but we suppose we'll eventually know for sure sometime in the next couple months. In the meantime, it couldn't hurt to load up Photoshop now, Beliebers.


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