The seeds for Justin Bieber's psychedelic phase were planted in August, when he took in a Phish concert with girlfriend Selena Gomez and his guitarist Dan Kanter this summer—and was spotted wearing tie-dye. Now we have proof that the most recent additions to his iPod are inspiring unexpected mashups during his live show.


Moving on from vomiting onstage, Bieber has been incorporating Phish songs into the set list during his shows in Northern California last week. Thursday's show in Fresno, Calif. featured "Divided Sky," while Friday's gig in Oakland blended "Love Me Like You Do"—from Believe's deluxe edition—into "She Don't Like the Lights" and later, Phish's "Sand" and "First Tube." What? Seeing is believing, Beliebers. Check out "Divided Sky" around 13:40 in the first video, and "Sand" and "First Tube" at 4:32 and 5:35 in the second.



We're confident many a Belieber thought these riffs and teases made up an unreleased cut off of his latest album, and we're hoping more than one POB (Parent of Belieber) took these moments to appropriately rock out. (You earned it, mom and dad.) Haters are likely going to hate, but we'll mark this down as yet another example of The Bieb's musical evolution. And if young Beliebers start requesting "Divided Sky" on their ride to school, all the better. What other fan base does he have to appeal to now? The swaggy adult has already name-checked Metallica, worked with Boyz II Men and hung out with Trey Anastasio himself. Phish is playing Madison Square Garden on New Year's Eve, during a conveniently scheduled respite from The Bieb's solo touring duties. You know what to do Scooter; let's make this happen.


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