Buoyed by her successful prediction that the Packers would win the Super Bowl, Ellen decided yesterday on her show to predict the melody of the much-teased Lady Gaga single "Born This Way"—and she enlisted sappy Brit James Blunt and the one and only Justin Bieber to help.

For his part, Blunt seems to have a (probably much-needed) sense of humor about his current one-hit status than Atlantic, his label, which blocked the release of "Weird Al" Yankovic's parody "You're Pitiful" in 2006 even after the accordion-wielding singer got Blunt's blessing. His "prediction" goes as far as a straight-faced rendition of the lyrics of "Born This Way" to the tune of "You're Beautiful," despite continuing protests from his "collaborators."

But let's be honest: the real draw here is Bieber, whose "fever" sweeps through the audience when he appears from behind the sliding wall of monitors (on a wheeled platform pushed by a union crew guy who's apparently the Ellen staff's most stereotype-affirming member). After tearing through a respectable drum solo (as he did to finish off his 2010 MTV VMA performance), he gets mock-earnest on a keyboard for his own melodic prediction. This appearance displays Bieber's instrumental prowess in a way similar to his VMA solo, the Grammy promo focused on his drum playing, and his appearance on Late Show With David Letterman last week—but in a much more organic fashion.