After the paternity lawsuit against Justin Bieber was dropped last week, the 17-year-old went ahead and took a DNA test on Friday, TMZ reports. Bieber took the test at a lab in New Jersey on Friday, before heading to the West Coast to perform at the American Music Awards, the typical, run-of-the-mill stop after one drops a freestyle for Hot 97 and attends high-profile charity events in New York City. Manager Scooter Braun previously told New York's Z100 that while Bieber is willing to take a DNA test, Yeater's desire to continue the case out of court, and ultimately settle, will not be granted. And although there's a piece of The Bieb floating around somewhere in the great Garden State, Beliebers shouldn't get any ideas: Bieber took his test under "very controlled circumstances," with a "solid chain of custody," leaving zero possibility that Yeater's team could dispute the results. The 20-year-old is not responsible for providing a DNA sample from her three-month-old son.

Now that you're up-to-date on Bieber's DNA, you may now enter your family gatherings prepared for an arsenal of pop culture paternity questions.