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Justin Bieber Lends Swag To "How To Make It In America"

Despite its slightly cliche premise—two friends with a dream embark upon a business venture despite not having the necessary money or experience, plus, woo hoo New York!—How To Make It In America is the HBO show we really, really want to like, thanks to its talented cast and stellar theme song. The season two premiere is scheduled for October 2, and the show's been on a marketing spree for the last month or so, wallpapering subway cars and cluttering your Google homepage with way too many ads in attempts to gain a larger audience. But now it's time to stop banking on the strength of people's memory and start catering to the power of The Bieb.

In the newest promotional clip, Duck Sauce's "Barbra Streisand"—which we should be a lot more tired of than we actually are—gets reworked into "Luis Guzmán," an ode to the show's most entertaining performer, who portrays gangster Rene Calderone. Guzmán takes us on a tour of his Lower East Side neighborhood before cutting to shots of the cast—remember, Kid Cudi acts—as well as non-New York natives like Pharrell, Asher Roth and Justin Bieber. What else can he lend his magical touch to? Because even though the 17-year-old was born thousands of miles away from the LES, he has the sort of pull that the HBO show desperately needs to make it water cooler material. Bad thing is, his younger fans probably won't be allowed to watch come October 2. But all How To Make It really needs is the endorsement tweet from Bieber and they can say hello to seasons three, four and five, right? We're waiting.

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