Justin Bieber Likes Fondue, Maintains a Controversial Stance on Cheese

Additional tasty morsels from Justin Bieber's Rolling Stone cover story continue to emerge as the days go by. While there's a lot to unpack regarding The Bieb's stance on manhood, his emergence as a young adult artist, and how he compares to those other teen idols who've come before him, sometimes the most revealing questions a person can ask are food-related. Everybody's doing it, right? Bieber's conversation turned to his dietary regimen—as things are wont to do these days, when everyone's a wannabe foodie—with the 18-year-old revealing that yes, he eats fondue as his lyrics suggest, but only with a dessert plate. "Who eats the cheese kind unless you’re old and from Paris?" Bieber says. You really are a kid after all, Bieb. There's so much for you to learn!

Bieber also revealed that a typical food day consists of a modest breakfast (Frosted Flakes cereal) followed by a classic order from McDonald's for lunch (one Big Mac, washed down with an Oreo McFlurry). It's good to know he hasn't lost his sweet tooth with his old age, but will he get a lucrative ad campaign, too? Less perplexing than his ability to consume fast food without gaining a pound is his limited experience with fondue. We'd have thought Cuisinart would have sent over at least 17 complimentary pots with all the publicity "Boyfriend" has given them. Think it over, cheese enthusiasts, and decide if you can see a future with someone who doesn't share your love for all things melted and delicious.

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