Justin Bieber doesn't seem to be too keen on the fact that his celebrity has helped launch a line of nail polishes in Wal-Marts across the nation—“It’s not really my nail polish line. Like, I think it’s weird to think about that,” he told the Associated Press back when it launched. But that squickishness didn't stop the line from selling out almost as soon as it arrived on the megastore's shelves, and it probably won't stop people from paying as much for a single bottle on eBay as they might pay for a mani-pedi combo on Sundays or Mondays. The entire collection is currently up for sale on eBay for $99.99 (plus shipping)!

Those people scouring eBay for a single bottle might run across a bright green color called "One Time Lime" that's currently retailing for $24.99 online:

Does that green scream "Bieber" to you? While it's certainly bright enough, it's a color that could be approximated by other shades. In fact, it looks like OPI's Green-Wich Village might approximate the color, and while it won't have the all-important Bieber-touting tag, it will save its purchasers enough money to buy a ticket to a 3-D showing of Never Say Never, which opens two weeks from tomorrow!