The big day has come and gone, and now millions of people can say they've heard Justin Bieber utter the word "swaggie." After the weekend's unrelenting Twitter countdown, The Bieb appeared on On Air with Ryan Seacrest Monday morning to officially premiere his new single "Boyfriend," and begin stoking the anticipation for his 3892 other projects in the works.

But first, some reflection on his long-term career goals. "I'm the only one who can ultimately make those decisions because I'm going to have to live with my career for the rest of my life," Bieber explained, when asked about the constant slew of input from others during his recording process. "I thought ["Boyfriend"] was the perfect single so that's why it was my single." Fielding questions from Ryan and company, as well as fans outside the studio, Bieber acknowledged that upcoming album Believe is aiming for a June release date, with a subsequent tour by late summer—only after he has proper rehearsal time. He is a professional! Because his first single as an 18-year-old officially opens the door to his adulthood and thus sheds the concern of child labor laws, the singer also revealed there's a new Someday fragrance, as well as that Wahlberg movie and many, many trips to Chipotle in his future.

Creating an album that draws from Michael Jackson and other classic pop/R&B cannot be rushed, and Bieber explained that most of his time has been spent in the booth, working on his magnum opus, and in darkened movie theaters, where he catches up on his sleep. For those who worry about what the remaining tracks on the album could sound like, rest easy in knowing that Ambassador of Good Taste Ashton Kutcher has heard the album, and was "shocked" by its level of greatness. Watch the interview below.