Just a few of the things we've learned from a brief three-minute backstage look at Selena Gomez's We Own The Night tour, and all this when several seconds are a makeover/dancing montage:

- It takes not one, but TWO rhinestone-coated and monogrammed microphones to buoy Selena Gomez's voice! Or maybe she's just trying to preserve some kind of sparkle symmetry. Who says the distribution shouldn't be perfect?

- Bieber's Selena Gomez T-shirt, apparently based on her album art! Perfect timing to wear it, too. Sometimes he looks down at it when he's on camera.

- When crew members and/or Selena Gomez are caught on camera, they're liable to start dancing, and it'll probably at least be mildly amusing and/or hammy. Almost as hammy as the pre-show cheer. They own the night, but they also own the scrimmage rituals.

Watch the whole thing below: