Justin Bieber Performs New Songs "All Around the World" and "As Long As You Love Me"


As promised, Justin Bieber took the stage in Oslo today, as part of his Believe promotion and mini-European tour for the upcoming television event, All Around the World. Many a purple sweatshirt-wearing, hand-heart-loving teen sat in awe as Bieber and dancers busted out the classic "Baby" in front of enviable Scandinavian scenery, as well as new track, "All Around the World," both of which featured an absent Ludacris. No Luda? No problem! Rapping has become second nature for Bieber at this point, even if it's not his own material.

In the midst of screaming fans and intimidating security, Bieb rattled off two more Believe tracks: "As Long As You Love Me," which features Big Sean and sounds less like Backstreet Boys and more like early Usher, and "Be Alright," the song we first heard around the holidays when he adorably performed it as a duet with his little sister. Considering it was Jazzy's birthday today, we've officially nominated The Bieb for Brother of the Year. Watch below.

Yes, that's three new songs in two days—with the possibility of more, if you're traveling to Paris this week. If you're unsure whether or not Bieber Fever translates properly for non-English speakers, take a look at the enthusiastic post-show Twitter reactions. In situations where the police are watching your every move, it's always smart for fans to save those borderline crazy moments for social media.

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