Like Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber has been known to crash a wedding in his day, but this time he's merely the inspiration for one highly choreographed reception performance. FYI: The Florida couple is registered at YouTube and has their eyes on a few thousand hits. Do what you can. Newlywed Brian treated his wife Emily to his version of "Baby," which includes a ginger-wig wearing groomsmen playing the Ludacris to his Bieber. Since he was unable to attend, Bieber sent the warmest of congratulations to the couple over Twitter, along with his blessing to continue representing their relationship with his songs.

Above anything else—love, alcohol intake, eternal longing for fleeting internet fame—this video proves that one's dance skills should be part of the screening process for all future husbands. "Baby" was a hit long before Shawty Mane emerged as a viable option on your iPod or Justin tatted himself with the face of Christ, but since there haven't been any viral wedding videos in, oh, forever, will give it to Brian this time.