Justin Bieber's first two live performances of "Boyfriend" have looked like outtakes from a failed live-action adaptation of Toy Story, despite his every intention not to take those "Buzz Lightyear" lyrics so literally. Following two big-time sets on The Voice and Billboard Awards, Bieber's third performance of his first Believe single—airing on today's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show—is his best to date, even if those fancy hand claps were eerily reminiscent of our high school's rendition of "Luck Be a Lady."

Previously recording his performance may have helped him get through the ambitious choreography he's attached to the song—he's still rocking the hands-free microphone, in case you were wondering—and the smaller performance space makes this a more intimate experience for us all. Compared to the previous two technologically-reliant sets marked by neon and cages, Bieber did well filling Ellen's stage with a few dancers and updated hand motions for the expected "swag, swag, swag, on you" moment. An extended dance break reveals why he's been spending so much time practicing, and reminds us of 'N Sync at the VMAs—always a good thing. In the midst of being swarmed by denim-clad females, The Bieb works hard to keep his white tee perfectly half-tucked throughout his performance, and busted out something close to Drake's "Wheelchair Jimmy." Watch below.

Despite his rampant social media use, it seems like Bieber always saves his "big announcements" for his pal Ellen's couch, similarly to the way any average 18-year-old reserves declarations of triumph, minor frustration and pointless musings for his or her Facebook followers. The Believe tour kicks off in September, running across North America and THE WORLD through early 2013. Because his mother taught him to never show up without a gift, Bieber bestowed the Ellen audience with a pair of tickets to what he and Scooter Braun are promising will be the biggest pop tour of the year. Let the news sink in, then react accordingly.

We already know Our Girl Carly Rae Jepsen is on board, and Bieber, Scooter and the gang keep hinting that another large act will soon join forces. Our first (and probably correct) guess goes to those blokes in The Wanted, if only so Scooter can continue to live on road while keeping tabs on almost all of his clients in person. Stay out of trouble with the boys of Big Time Rush, Cody Simpson! And, uh, keep doing you, Asher Roth.