How do you bounce back from throwing up onstage during the opening night of your latest tour? Invite your big brother to help prove vomiting before thousands hasn't stopped you from maintaining famous friends. Everybody poops pukes! Justin Bieber brought Usher out during night two of the Believe tour in Las Vegas on Sunday. The frequent collaborators hooked up onstage for "Yeah" and "OMG"—afraid that attempting the falsetto in "Climax" might bring back the stomach rumbles, Bieb?—as Justin used his surprise guest to remind those devoted Beliebers to never say never, even while suffering from a stomach bug.


Following Saturday's impromptu puking session, and the impressive fact that Paris Hilton's younger brother is now a fan, The Bieb seemed very pleased with what he was able to pull off just 24 hours later:



Maybe abstaining from milk had something to do with it? Considering it was just the two of them on "Yeah," Shawty Mane was able to get all over the Ludacris verse. Watch below.