Justin Bieber Scares the Bejeezus Out of Fans With Grill Joke

Don't sound the alarm just yet, Beliebers. Jeweler Ben Baller put the fear of God into Justin Bieber's army late last night when he tweeted a picture of himself with The Bieb, while holding a grill in his left hand. No, the fans cried. He wouldn't dare toy with that million-dollar smile of his, would he? Mercifully, it appears not. After retweeting one of his devoted's freakouts, Bieber set the record straight, saying "haha. relax it's just a joke. no biggie." The fanbase-wide exhale was audible. "oh thank god!" tweeted xchloejonesx . "justin bieber getting a grill was just a joke! never been so relieved!!!" MarleneLopez agreed: "Thank God The Whole Bieber Getting A Grill Was A Joke.! I Was :o NOOOO.!! When I Heard About It"

Let that be a listen to you, Justin. Some subject matters are simply too serious to be played around with.

For lots more pics, videos and up-to-the-second dish on Justin, be sure to check out his Popdust Artist Page.

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