It's been a tumultuous couple of weeks, and we've done what we can to help both Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez move forward after their breakup. OkCupid isn't for everyone though, and it appears that Justin is throwing himself into his work (and his closet), which has had a tendency to impact his dating life before.

Bieb's new fragrance, Girlfriend, has finally unveiled its full minute of promotional video, shot in the viewer's perspective to give you the full experience of what spending quality alone time with Justin is really like. Hint: No evidence of NBA 2k13! With the overwhelming feeling that it should be the beginning to an episode of Law & Order: SVU, the ad reveals that just two spritzes of the purple stuff brings a life-size Bieber to your doorstep, bearing popcorn and an acoustic guitar he's more than ready to jam out to with some of his own songs. There's also some insight into how he texts. Maybe Selena was tired of his grammar?