And from high atop that beautiful Parisian balcony, a young Justin Bieber locked eyes with more than one devoted fan, thus changing the course of history forever.

That exact moment is a latest outtake from Bieber's Tour de France, not, in fact, our newest installment of Bieber Fan Fiction. Following his romantic French lessons and an eventful Thursday show, Beliebers with a fetish for reenacting scenes from Romeo and Juliet were rewarded for their dedication on Friday, as their hypothetical star-crossed lover performed "Boyfriend" from a elevated balcony in Paris.

Things started with just The Bieb and a megaphone, calling down to his legion of fans below. We've previously expressed concern over his repeated use of the hands-free microphone during live "Boyfriend" performances, so we'll consider this a step in the right direction. The accessory served to amplify his own voice and signal to those below that it was time to bust out their only lyrical knowledge, but mostly made us think how large a role Bieber could have had at high school pep rallies, if he wasn't home-schooled. If only it came with air horn capabilities!

This was probably a risky choice of a performance setting considering its distance from the ground and his very recent head injury. As a hockey fan Bieber must know the story of Sidney Crosby; is anyone concerned he still may be concussed?

Alas, all medical concerns are washed away with a single mention of "fondue" and invitation for us to sing along. Nous t'aimons, Le Bieb.

Bieber and Co. are headed to the Watch the Throne show tonight. Is there an accurate over/under number at the chances he'll wind up on stage alongside Jay-Z and Kanye West, or have we fallen and hit our heads, too?