Here is what Justin Bieber has to say about his Colin Tilley-directed "Boyfriend" video, because this is pressing information to some people:

The concept of this video, I mean it's not like a steady concept. It's not like 'Justin follows this girl to this spot.' No, it's a bunch of amazing scenes. Like a fire scene, we have an ice scene.

It's like it's a video game or something! Bieber takes you to Ice World, presumably full of the icy if somewhow G-rated tracks of the Ying Yang Twins. Bieber takes you to Fire World, where he acquires the same fire Justin Timberlake did at this stage of his carer. Bieber takes you to the desert. Bieber takes you underwater. Bieber takes you to the grassy meadows. Bieber takes you to so many scenes that this might actually be one of those boy band/girl group videos with all the color-coded rooms, like "Say My Name."

But then, Bieber also said to expect female dancers, "great artistic shots" and smiling. So perhaps this is actually like "Bye Bye Bye." There is a grand analogy to be made between pop videos in the early '00s and pop videos in the early '10s, and we're going to be the ones to begin to make it.