While all the lamewads out there are racing to cover "Marvin's Room," Justin Bieber is way off that—he's on to covering "Trust Issues," the even moodier, even poutier, even more paranoid Drake song leaked in advance of the upcoming Take Care album. Bieber's insecure-loverman croon is actually fairly close to that of Drizzy's, proving that The Bieb will not be satisfied until he has conquered all forms of swagger-infused popular music. He's not totally hard yet, though—Bieber still can't commit to Drake's oft-repeated "I don't trust these bitches" lament in this song, retreating to "I don't trust these women." Still, there's that whole purple/pink drink business, which Bieber seems to see no problem with. Scandalous!

(We should say that we have no idea where this video comes from, and there's a slight chance it might not actually be The Bieb singing on top, but if the Beliebers are to be believed, this is indeed their boy. Judge for yourself.)

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