In attempts to rebrand every major holiday into some form of the Bieber moniker, Justin Bieber will join Lady Gaga and Pitbull for Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve, hosted by Ryan Seacrest, ringing in 2012 live from Times Square in New York. Bieber shared the news on Monday morning, despite sounding a little confused about his upcoming whereabouts. "I know, I think I'm going to be with you, right?" he told Seacrest, who seemed equally giddy at the chance to hangout with The Bieb again, as well as the fact that he made this Big Announcement on his own little radio show. "You can tell whoever you want," he continued, playing things off like he can perform before millions any day of the year—oh wait, he does. By December 31, "Mistletoe" will be six days past the point of relevancy—or 359 days early!—so here's hoping Bieber has a NYE-themed song somewhere in between the "All I Want For Christmas" duet with Mariah Carey and the many island-hopping sounds of Under the Mistletoe. Or a remix of "Auld Lang Syne." Listen to the conversation below, which includes a description of what A Bieber Family Holiday look like, as well stories of American Idol judge Steven Tyler hitting the 17-year-old Bieb up for dating advice.