Don't tell Justin Timberlake, but Punk'd, MTV's celebrity prank show that led him to cry on national television, is making its return. And who is the newest minister of over the top practical jokes that manage to evoke a range of emotions from your favorite celebrities? Justin Bieber—at least for one episode. According to Access Hollywood, MTV began filming its updated version of the reality show on Friday, with Taylor Swift as the unknowing subject of her friend Bieber's prank. Unfortunately, we don't think their recent "Baby" duet counts, unless of course Bieber put Tay's undies in the freezer while she was performing her solo set. Ashton Kutcher will remain at the helm of the show, which began in 2003 but has been on hiatus since 2007. Kutcher will continue to serve as executive producer instead of hosting each episode, with a new celebrity will take the lead every week and orchestrating a series of practical jokes on other stars. Talk of the show's return began last October, with rumors that Bieber would become the host—because he has so much time on his hands—however his participation has not been confirmed beyond the first episode. So does this explain his pet "Johnson," and the serious-no-smiling act at the VMAs on Sunday night? We certainly hope so.