When Justin Bieber previewed his "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" video last month, we were concerned about the dark and dreary surroundings that threatened to reap The Bieb of all his holiday cheer. How does a dilapidated place like that create tidings of comfort or joy, much less the latest high tech gadget on kids' wish lists? To calm our nerves, Bieber delivered the first of two versions of the video soon after: an animagic creation featuring his likeness in the recording studio and riding Santa's sleigh with no danger in sight, save for a flying reindeer that's lost his way. Now we've been given the second clip, whose steampunk leanings feature Bieber and his fellow Ambassadors of Joy taking a dance break from their otherwise grueling holiday work. One top hat away from being the Artful Dodger, Bieber finds himself in a much scarier workshop than what was home to Tim Allen in the '90s, dancing among some oversized toys and teeny tiny Newsie lookalikes. Despite his pained expressions willing Santa to come this way, we never get to see the Big Man in the flesh. We thought Bieber had more pull than that? The North Pole must not care about album sales.

Because the song is featured on the Arthur Christmas soundtrack, and precedes every screening of the movie, this is a much more conservative interpretation than what we've seen on other Under the Mistletoe videos. (Sorry, all you girls with photo booth fetishes.) But he does drop his drumsticks at the end—y'know, to remind us that he has been inside Hot 97's studios before and is friends with Busta Rhymes. Is there going to be a video for "Drummer Boy" or do we have to do all the work around here?