Justin Bieber continues to break down barriers, thus further legitimizing his place not only in pop culture, but the world at large. We knew he had the ability to bring grown men to tears, and now he's encouraging his not-quite-peers to reject any conventional gender stereotypes and respond to a Bieb sighting in only the purest, most natural way: screaming. Bieber gets a number of shocked reactions during his trip to Macy's, part of a new commercial for the annual Black Friday sale—five days and counting—where you can conveniently pick up his own Someday fragrance. That's right, try and spot the self-promotion underneath extreme examples of fandom! We've already commented on the fact that The Bieb has got it all—a beautiful girlfriend, decent flow, a sweet taste in music and lots of celebrity friends—but it's always nice to have your opinions validated. Which one of these guys is the biggest Bieber fan? Our money is on warehouse delivery man to the right, whose scream is appropriately accompanied by some "Maniac"-esque dance moves. If Bieber sightings were guaranteed, we might just put ourselves through this annual ritual of retail madness. Watch below.


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