Justin Bieber is working hard to promote his upcoming Believe tour, making all those who weren't able to snatch up tickets within seconds feel even worse about missing out. But there's another way you can see The Bieb live on stage this fall: land a gig as one of his backup dancers. Hey, it could happen! Bieber is holding open auditions for his live show in Los Angeles, and E! News was on hand as his team welcomed the thousands of talented performers vying for a chance to support him on stage.

While The Bieb took in some of the auditions in L.A., the Believe talent search is an equal opportunity experience, giving those unable to travel to California, Canada, or his lonely Twitter island somewhere in the South Pacific, the ability to show off their stuff. "Because we are of the Internet generation we realize—yes there's over 1,000 people here and there's lines out the door–we know that there's a lot of you guys out there, there's a lot of talent out there that we want to see, so we're opening up our auditions to people online all around the world," says Creative Director Jon Chu (Never Say Never) of the team's ongoing YouTube auditions. "He's a global phenomenon anyway, that's where he was discovered." Given The Bieb's signature dance wardrobe and explosive style, Chu and choreographer Nick Demoura outlined exactly what the Bieber Camp is looking for in their future "army," along with how you can submit your performance for a chance to go all around the world with Justin:

Online submissions will be accepted through Friday August 17, which means you should start choreographing your routine, like, now. Just make sure to stretch first! Unless of course your plan is to pull a hamstring and have The Bieb fly to your aid, in which case, carry on.