Justin Bieber hopes to extend the holiday weekend one day longer with the release of a new single. In addition to his Believe tour dates, Bieber announced the forthcoming release of his second single, "Die In Your Arms" last week, which officially hits iTunes and Twitter feeds on Tuesday. Those who have already committed the tracklisting to memory will be familiar with the title, and have probably already written an intro, hook and chorus in their heads. Because Team Bieber operates under heavy security, "DIYA" has yet to be heard by those outside the inner circle. What we do know is it doesn't feature any special guests and falls at the halfway point of his monstrous 16-track album. We think we're in store for a ballad, but even if it ends up being an experimental dubstep disaster with the sole purpose of allowing The Bieb to shuffle, manager Scooter Braun assures us it is "hater proof." Strong words, but when did he ever steer us in the wrong direction before? Check out the official artwork below, courtesy of Bieber himself.

Cars are really important to The Bieb these days, aren't they? We're still three weeks out from the release of Believe, yet a chosen few are already praising about its greatness. Of course, when given the opportunity of an album preview, the only acceptable response is one of sheer amazement; early Bieber listens generate the same response as a Beyoncé concert. Check out the earliest entries in what will soon be a constant stream of heavy capitalization and enthusiastic! exclamation! points!