The market for Justin Bieber merchandise has never been larger. With Never Say Never out on DVD and his own autobiography filled with brilliant insight—you're so right, Justin. Pizza really is so good—available in bookstores near you, there are countless ways to get your Bieber fix. (Because no music career would be complete without an action figure.) But like any savvy shopper, you'll want to be sure these random items are able to withstand the menacing forces of a blender (for when the rapture finally comes, destroying all of the Bieber-related swag in its path.) Luckily, the scientists at Will It Blend accurately predicted we'd have this conundrum, and made Bieber and his assorted merch the subject of their latest episode. Turns out, nothing lasts forever! Cue thousands of girls crying at the sight of a decapitated Bieber doll. Watch below as host Tom Dickinson really gets into the physics of it all, donning his own Bieber-esque wig. (His attempt at a hair flip is pure gold.) "Maybe if we blend all of his accomplishments together, it might turn into something of a little more substance." Point Dickinson. Credit him with not being afraid of upsetting The Beliebers. No need to fear Twitter death threats when you have a trusty BlendTec to protect you.