Justin Bieber Would Run Into a Wall for His Paris Fans

Well, looks like we've finally found the kryptonite for international pop star Justin Bieber. The boy just has a weakness for glass—maybe due to some repressed childhood trauma, or maybe because it was always so foggy in Ontario growing up that it was impossible to discern where panes of glass started. Regardless the origin story, as Bieber himself told TMZ, "I guess me and glass windows just don't work." That quote was inspired from an incident a few years ago, when TMZ caught The Bieb knocking his head against the glass of a revolving door pane, badly hurting his forehead.

On Thursday in Paris, it looks like Bieber Kryptonite (Biebtonite?) struck again. During a concert, he walked backstage in between songs, and—SMACK!—hit a wall of glass full on. Bieber suffered a concussion as a result, and passed out for about 15 seconds—but he still went back out at the end and finished his set, like the professional Swaggy Adult that he is. He appeared fine and doctors said he'll be OK, but by NBA rules, though, we think he should probably have had to sit out his next concert to be on the safe side.

Anyway, here's hoping that there aren't too many pop music supervillains reading this article and gleaning just how they can finally defeat Bieber. There aren't enough good superheroes in the Top 40 right now as is.

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