Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" video premieres in a few hours—we command you to prove your level of excitement!—and from what we've seen, the updated concept from Director X features a lot of cars, dancing and the reminder that the 18-year-0ld is spoken for. Bieber described new direction for the visuals and what fans can expect tonight: "The concept is really cool, it's basically lifestyle, you know, me, a bunch of cars, doing donuts in the parking lot." Questionable driving decisions and traffic violations do seem to be your style, Justin, so we give you points for gritty realism. "The video's just a cool video and it's just showing me having fun and I think people can relate to that," he added. Nein, Bieber! No fun is allowed in America, ever. It's why we subject ourselves to stuff like this.

A few extra seconds (embedded below) reveal the impending video looks even more like 'N Sync's "Girlfriend," a comparison that's already been made based on vocals, than we ever imagined, thanks to casual group choreography at dusk by dancers clad in denim and leather, glistening pavement shots and muscle cars suggesting the protagonist spends a lot of time in the streets. We're waiting on pins and needles for Bieber to hop atop the hood of his car and break out the Cat Daddy, along with the likes of Gomez, Carlos Pena, Ashley Tisdale and Carly Rae Jepsen. While additional reports from an early listening suggest Believe won't necessarily be a Justified, or even a Celebrity rip-off, it's hard not to spot the similarities between the upcoming video and its predecessor—particularly if you have boy band nostalgia on the brain. The 2002 clip is even preceded by YouTube ads for Bieber's video! Would you do a reunion if Justin Bieber was involved, JC? With everyone else teaming up with him these days, it's only fair to ask. As we await tonight's premiere, it's time to debate whether Bieber was subconsciously or directly influenced by JT and the gang, and deal with the fact that the (awesome) "Girlfriend" video debuted 10 years ago.