Justin Bieber's post-breakup shows soldiered on Monday night in Brooklyn, New York. And while his Barclays Center gig featured a Cody Simpson opening set instead of one from Carly Rae Jepsen, and a surprise visit from Jaden Smith rather than a coded cover song choice, Bieber still managed to house thousands of screaming fans hanging on his every crotch-grab and t-shirt lift. But just because Bieber didn't scrap his Scooter-approved set to work through his feelings via an acoustic interpretation of 'N Sync's "Gone," doesn't mean people didn't show up to see him do his thing. Like, famous people, including those he calls his bros and those he—and many others—aspire to be like one day.

Because scanning the entirety of the stadium can't possibly reveal all the celebrities in attendance,  even for the sharpest of eyes, Bieber called roll via Twitter follow the conclusion of his show.

And they listened.

But 1D's Liam Payne also had his own agenda for the night.

TwitPic that thing twice, so we know it's real. Yes, the Roc was definitely in the building—which makes sense, considering he's an owner of primary residents, the Brooklyn Nets, and officially opened the venue for business with eight-straight shows earlier this fall. Perhaps that's why both Cody and The Bieb acknowledged 2011 favorite "Ni--as in Paris" during their sets? The decision to play Rihanna's "Where Have You Been" elicited similar feelings of excitement and anxiety, but with such a busy travel schedule on her plate we'd understand if RiRi decided against venturing out before an early flight. Still, Hov and Hov alone was enough to make newly single Bieber tweet with glee, as he thanked the business-man for opening his doors, and reminded us that he's glad Jay's still around.

Nice try, Bieb. Jay's handle always confuses us, too.

Remember: If you hope to be friends with boy band members and hip-hop legends one day, all you have to do is believe.