It's been about 24 hours since Justin Bieber ditched his flippy, feathery 'do for a scruffier, spikier cut while on the set of a video with country-schlock superstars Rascal Flatts. (His hairdo does look sort of like a less gelly version of Gary LeVox's. Adult influences!) Bieber tweeted last night that he'll auction off the locks "for charity," which will no doubt result in whatever philanthropic organization he's benefiting receiving a huge windfall from frenzied tweens. Here's hoping he does a bunch of strand-by-strand sales in order to maximize revenue for those people in need!

Of course, thinking about this change to the pop landscape raises other questions. To wit:

• Will the waxwork currently being made of him represent his current hairdo or his old one?

• Will the 40 minutes of extra footage tacked on to the version of Never Say Never that's hitting theaters next weekend—and next weekend only—represent his new hair?

• Did Justin influence Jennifer Aniston at all in the shedding-famous-locks thing?

• What happened to the Twitter trending topic #riphairflip? Was it another casualty of the microblogging service's anti-Bieberian policies? For shame, 140-character overlords. After all he's done for you?