With the All Around The World special Justin Bieber strived to make sure his recent press tour was an open book for Beliebers, leaving no secrets or questions between him and his fans. He's laid a lot out there for public consumption over the last few weeks, including his aversion to glass walls and his generous, incorrect, interpretations of Italian history. But as far as his family goes, Bieber is proud to tell stories that showcase their relative normalcy and slick shooting skills. Back in the day Young Bieber was just like any other Canadian tyke, waking up early on family camping trips and keeping himself occupied by playing with fire (but not in the fire). On one particular occasion, his fireside imagination session was cut short when a giant bear showed up, threatening to devour the boy who would soon become YouTube's biggest success story. Cue panic, a potentially controversial reenactment of To Kill a Mockingbird and some resourceful culinary skills. "And basically we ate bear. I ate bear. I ate it, yep," Justin said, revealing that it was his uncle who stepped into the role of Atticus Finch. Not dad Jeremy?

Vegan Beliebers take note, as what he continues to describe may offend you: "My family, we're a bunch of hillbillies, and I ate bear." If you're going to be that adventurous of an eater, Biebs, it is officially time to change your stance on barley water. It's clear Bieber is proud of his bravery, both in regard to said life-threatening situation and his willingness to try out new cuisines, as he directed our attention to the clip with an affirmative disclaimer that yes, this really happened. Better ready that camping gear, Selena! Watch below.